Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Plug Problems

Because misery loves company, and because other people’s stories often make us feel as if our own aren’t as horrible or unique as we think, there’s “Uncoupling Confessions.” Share your stories, vent your frustrations, air your piles of dirty laundry, because we’re in this boat together... and because split happens!

Check out our first anonymous confession to kick it all off...
There had been several small signs that my husband’s priorities were shifting. We had been married over 20 years, and had three children. He had been living in a different state for several months, due to a job relocation, while I remained in our family home waiting for our oldest child to graduate high school. At that time we were to join him, and live together as a family again.

I was the one who received all the bills, including the credit card bills. When I saw that he had purchased a $250 leather jacket, a few alarm bells rang in my head. That was completely out of character for him, because I typically bought all of his clothing since he hated shopping. In any case, I chalked it up to a mid-life crisis need on his part to feel more hip as a 50 year old man. There were other, minor purchases that I questioned, but again nothing terribly out of the ordinary.

Then the day came when I opened the Visa bill like usual, and I truly couldn’t believe my eyes…..there was a charge for over $10,000, (that’s right $10k!!!!!) for a hair replacement, yes a hair replacement!!! Mind you, at this point we already had approximately $40,000 in credit card debt, due to his unemployment for a year prior to his moving. You can only imagine the phone call that transpired when I fully grasped what I had seen on the bill

His reaction was not at all what I expected; he actually wanted me to feel sorry for him as “he was in so much pain” because they had put “hundreds of needles” into his scalp!!! Really now, I had always been an extremely patient and understanding person but obviously this was too much! 

As you can imagine, it wasn’t too long before I filed for divorce as it became crystal clear he was no longer interested in being a husband and father, and quite enjoyed being a bachelor once again. By the way, on the infrequent occasions when I do see him, I can’t help but secretly smile, because you can clearly see the small dark plugs in his scalp that caused him so much pain!

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